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Due Diligence & Analysis (DD&A) operates independently from the other American Diversified Enterprises companies. It provides three third-party services:

Loan underwriting: financial verification and evaluation as well as calculation of the risk of lending to a potential borrower.

Technical, financial, construction, and project planning due diligence: investigations, certifications, audits, and reviews that are performed to confirm that all material facts and details of a matter under consideration are accurate, complete, and clearly presented.

Project development analysis: reviews and audits to verify the data, conclusions, and successful completion of each Technology Readiness Level (TRL) during the testing, validation, scaleup, and readiness for commercialization of new technologies, processes, and materials.

DD&A's Team is comprised of highly-qualified financial analysts; engineers; SWOT*, risk, and feasibility analysts; and construction and technology development analysts.

DD&A's approach to each engagement is to:

First, confirm the accuracy and validity of the matters under consideration
Second, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and risks
Third, investigate for gaps, missing and incomplete information, and additional tests, validations, and steps that need to be carried out
Fourth, meet with the individuals, officers, and/or team with responsibility for the matter under consideration
Fifth, discuss DD&As initial findings, assessing the team's awareness of and response to each matter identified, the plans they have in place, and their readiness to leverage strengths and opportunities, overcome weaknesses, guard against threats, mitigate risks, fill in gaps, correct missing and complete information, and carry out additional tests, validations, and steps as necessary       
Sixth, assess their capability to do so
Seventh, place each matter identified in context with the responses, plans, readiness, and capabilities of the officers and team responsible for the matter
Eighth, report its findings and recommendations

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* SWOT: an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

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